10 proven tips to boost ota productivity

The number of reservations flowing to hotels through the electronic distribution channels is growing steadily. This productivity growth has enhanced emphasis throughout the hotel industry on using e-channels effectively and maximizing their potential. Every hotel now faces the challenge of understanding, prioritizing and managing these outlets effectively.

10 proven tips to Boost OTA Productivity
OTA Productivity

Ask yourself the following questions as you determine whether to participate or not in the Billboard effect.

  1. Does it target a market segment that is important to my hotel?
  2. Who will maintain the content and data about my hotel on different websites/channels?
  3. What are their initial membership fees if any and ongoing costs?
  4. Which other properties use the site?
  5. Is it likely to actually deliver bookings? What is the hotel’s return on investment?
  6. What can you do differently to outsmart the competition?

Here are 10 things we have tested and proved to be different in this dynamic landscape to increase the OTA productivity.

  • Review hotel profile information on each OTA for factual accuracy along with language – correct spelling and grammar. Any errors need to be notified to the respective channel for action within 24 hours
  • Review hotel content for good quality photographs (minimum of 20) Read More
  • Check hotel descriptions are clear and nearby points of interest are listed in detail.Read More
  • Check quality of room descriptions for each room type. Describe what is special about the rooms and any unique aspects. Unique selling points of room like views, size and amenities for business traveller or leisure traveller.Read More
  • Ensure that there is a good match between the hotel type and OTA’s that the hotel is present in (eg: an expensive hotel in a low budget OTA will not sell). It is important to compare apples to apples. Hotels need to find the comparable product of their competitor and then look at the packaging of that product (is breakfast included; are there any other inclusions) to create their definition of an apple. It is then followed by the process of comparing their apple to the competitor’s apple. Read More
  • Flash availability for all room types for the next 90 days on top selling OTAs.Read More
  • Promote hotel value added services eg : free bottle of wine, daily newspaper, airport pick up etc
  • Maintain all contact details of individual OTA Market Managers in a systematic way to maintain a healthy rapport between hotel and OTA.
  • Once in a month, review specific targeting, goals with OTA market manager, to fine tune and update on OTA about upcoming events, demand periods, what is working and not working as the market manager will know what all the hotels in the region are doing.Read More
  • If a hotel has very few reviews on OTAs, offer your guests a small incentive to complete an online customer review.Read More

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