4 Reasons to Book Directly through a Hotel’s Website

When planning your next vacation abroad, you will be investing the majority of your budget in your travel plans and your accommodation, meaning it is imperative to get the best price and package for both of those aspects as possible. In this article we are going to look at why you should book your hotel room directly through the hotel’s website, and how doing so will impact not only your budget, but the perks included, too:

You’ll Gain Hotel Points 

By booking your hotel room online, you give yourself the opportunity to earn hotel loyalty points that you wouldn’t have gained otherwise. Most hotels and resorts run their own independent reward schemes or programs, some of which issue their guests with cards and suite9membership numbers in order to keep track of their points’ progress. Some of the loyalty programs allow guests to not only gain points that they can swap for a free meal or a night away, but also use a hierarchy method which – as you climb up the scale – offer more perks than previously. Some of these perks might include room upgrades, credit that can be used towards a meal, or arriving to a goody basket in your room.

You’ll get the Best Price Possible 

suite5Many hotel websites offer their best prices guaranteed if you book directly through their website, as many other travel sites charge extra fees when making an online reservation putting you out by a few dollars. When you book directly through your chosen hotel’s website, however, you will almost always get the best rates available. If you don’t, and you find a lower rate (normally within a certain time period after you have made your booking and with some terms and conditions you should be aware of), you then have the option to take this information to the hotel where they will almost always match the better rate.

There are Exclusive Online Discounts 

suite4Most hotels prefer you to make your booking with them directly, this is due to third-party sites taking a cut of their profit when you book with them instead. Hotels are more than likely willing to give you a discount if you book through them directly too, as they will still be making a profit without having to still pay a third-party website. What’s more, hotels run exclusive online discounts at certain times of the year that you will not find anywhere else, meaning that if you choose to book through a third-party website, you will more than likely miss out on a really good deal. Some of these discounts may include booking a certain amount of nights in order to get one night free, discounts of dinner, and more.

Better Rooms Available 

suite3Hotels reserve certain rooms that are booked through third-party sites, and they tend not the best rooms available. By choosing to book online instead, you are giving yourself the option to find better rooms or better suites particularly in cities like Dubai within your chosen hotel – maybe with a better view or with more amenities – for the same price you would pay through a third-party website for a standard room. Hotels are also more inclined to upgrade the rooms of guests who have booked with them directly, encouraging you to do the same the next time you plan to visit.

Save money while receiving more perks by booking your hotel rooms through your chosen hotel’s website.

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