5 Common Hotel Photo Mistakes on OTAs

A lot has been discussed about having visually appealing images on hotel websites and on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Many hotels however still find it difficult to find the right balance while choosing images to display on their own website and OTAs.

We looked at some of the common mistakes and misconceptions about hotel images.

1) Save best images for hotel’s own website: While online travel agencies converted the way we book travel, some independent hotels believe that they should save their best images for their own website – a major misconception. Brand consistency online is critical – and one important way to achieve that is through rate, content and image parity. OTAs should be a marketing channel for showcasing your hotel. When OTAs are used correctly and provide provided with up to date visual content, you will see a surge of engagement, bookings and increase in brand loyalty.

2) Too few images: Hotels that provide 20+ photos receive 150% more engagement than hotels that provide only a few photos. According to Expedia, just by simply doubling the number of your hotel’s pictures in OTA’s can boost your booking rate by 4.5% and will allow you to increase your Average Daily Rate by $3.5.

5 Common Hotel Photo Mistakes on OTAs - 10+ Photos

5 Common Hotel Photo Mistakes on OTAs - 20 + Photos

3) Professional photography is expensive:

Yes, that is true, but not having a professional, consistent presence with high quality images is more expensive in the long run. Don’t cut corners on professional photography.

 5 Common Hotel Photo Mistakes on OTAs - Dull Room5 Common Hotel Photo Mistakes on OTAs - Appealing Room

Photography Tips

4) No reason to be selective about the photos:

The qualities of the hotel room shown in the image above makes an impact with an uncluttered image, clean design lines, light and view, spaciousness, and attractive colour scheme. Travel bookers find room images that look natural are more appealing. And a room with a view invokes positive feelings.

Distorted images, with poor lighting and which look grainy as if taken with a mobile phone camera draw suspicion. A common mistake is trying to show too much in one photo. Ideally two images can represent a room better – one towards the window and one back toward the closest so you can see what you really get. Use natural light where possible, minimise flash and avoid clutter.

5) One photo per room is more than enough: Ideally a hotel should have 3-4 photos of each room type including the bathroom. However care should be taken with bathroom photos as many of them do not lend well to amateur photography. Another top offender is the open loo seat. The purpose of the bathroom image is to show the layout, style and lighting – not to show a standard water closet.

5 Common Hotel Photo Mistakes on OTAs - Bathroom Offending Image 5 Common Hotel Photo Mistakes on OTAs - Bath Room Standard Image

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