5 Secrets to Grow Your Hotel Facebook Page

Every Hotel wants a big and active social media audience. Who would not? As we all know, it helps you engage with current customers, court potential customers, construct or maintain your hotel brand and create positive chatter about your destination and service offerings. Having a robust social media audience is the way to go.



Why It’s Important for Your Hotel?

While your hotel’s website is your best sales representative, your hotel’s facebook page is your best Public Relations Representative. Therefore it is important to arm your hotel facebook page with engaging content. Getting users that like your Facebook page is different from getting true fans. True fans are brand ambassadors that will spread good will around your hotel brand. At the end of the day, it’s not about number of fans; it’s about whether these fans really “like” your brand

  • Provide meaningful content
  • Personalize your hotel brand
  • Use Applications & Tools for marketing campaigns to get visitors engaged
  • To turn your facebook page into a sales tool

How do you get there?

  • Reply to user’s comments and “likes” on your status updates.
  • Tag real people in photos you post. Their friends will see those photos and it will drive a new audience to your page.
  • Host a caption contest. Get people to write best caption for your photo.
  • Share pictures from a local meet up, event or conference.
  • Share a link to your weekly or monthly newsletter.

These 5 articles will give you tonnes of ideas to make your fans excited to check your page often for updates:-

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