9 Time saving tips for hotel sales team

 With the hotel sales team being the back­bone of any hotel, every hotel owner and Gen­eral Man­ager wants its sales people to bring more busi­ness, close more deals, meet the tar­get etc. Is it really pos­sible to keep up?

salesteamHere are some tips for you as a core mem­ber of the hotel sales team to become more pro­duct­ive and grow both pro­fes­sion­ally and per­son­ally. Inter­ested? Read on.

  1. Set the Goal – successful sales people set high goals and targets. They measure the performance by reviewing often.
  2. Planning – Top sales people plan their week, month, year, as well as their daily schedule in advance. They wisely invest their time in planning ahead.
  3. They qualify every sales call – They don’t target anyone and everyone. They are focused and qualify the leads.
  4. They Listen – We have one mouth and 2 ears. But often we talk more and hear less. So to be successful sales person, you have to LISTEN. It helps in understanding the prospects better.
  5. They don’t sell, they consult – Unlike average sales people, successful sales people believe in advising and they approach in a consultative manner.
  6. They are prepared – Focused sales team prepares the agenda of the meeting to make it a win win situation. They value time.
  7. They follow up – Successful sales team knows the beauty of follow ups. They don’t give up easily.
  8. They build relationship – A great sales person knows the power of communication and relationship. They know it’s not a one time deal. They find the ways to keep in touch with the customers.
  9. They are positive –  Great sales people are great due to theIr positive attitude, which in turn leads to sales.

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