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What does Expedia’s latest Rev+ mean for hotel partners?

Expedia is officially launching Rev+, a revenue management tool designed to provide hotel partners with smart, actionable data and insights. As part of Expedia® Partner Central (EPC), the company’s partner portal which helps hotels manage their properties and rates, Rev+ brings in new functionality that empowers partners to make smart pricing decisions to optimize their […]

Choosing a Channel Manager for your hotel? Here is a 14 point checklist

Are you thinking it is high time that your hotel needs a channel manager? Or are you unhappy with your existing channel manager?  Firstly let us clear some misconceptions around channel managers. The most common misconception is that a “Channel Management Solution” is the same as a “Channel Manager”. This is not true – a […]

Best Check Lists for Hotel Digital Marketing

As HSMAI (The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International) concluded in a recent blog post, one of the most pressing issues facing hotel marketers is the internal stakeholder communication and awareness about digital marketing. And in its recommendations, it suggests that if you are a hotel digital marketer, there are two simple things you can do […]