9 steps to a better Digital Marketing strategy for your hotel

Have you wondered about the best way to increase revenues through a systematic digital marketing strategy for your hotel?

In this digitalised world, buyer behaviour is changing fast. They are now more sophisticated and self-reliant than ever. Everything is more transparent.

As Robert Rose’s famous quote says “Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content marketing is showing the world that you are one”word-cloud-679939_640

Key areas to consider:

1.   Understand the digital marketing cycle. Prospects gain the awareness of your product through the content you produce – prospects research your website or calls – lead generated – lead nurtured – lead becomes a customer – customer engagement.

2.    Create an online marketing plan, manage and monitor systematically. This helps in understanding, which part of the campaign is working well and where to improve.

3.    Target the right audience for your digital marketing by focusing on specific demographics which have an interest in your product.

4.    If you have a functioning website with many visitors, analyse how to increase traffic to the  site and turn those visitors into customers and generate sales.

5.    Continually work to increase website bookings to optimise revenue from own website as it is the least expensive channel.

6.    Marketing through social media is a way of building relationships with the customers directly – proper engagement is critical.

7.    Content marketing like blog, newsletter, video etc. gives the brand visibility, creates awareness and generates leads.

8.    Study and use paid marketing actions like Search Engine Marketing, display ads, sponsorship, social media ads.

9.    Connect your online distribution through Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) to your digital marketing strategy.

There are so many options available in digital marketing – however it is difficult to make it work for your hotel without a clear plan and consistent focus.

Whether you’re considering paid marketing options or content based organic lead generation, it is important to find the right channels that generate high quality leads for the least amount of money – ie higher Return on Investment.

If approached in a systematic and well planned manner, you can see a gradual increase in your sales and revenue, in a short period.

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