Discover 5 Secrets to Make Your Hotel More Saleable on OTAs

Competition is hot among hotel websites and online travel agencies and knowing how to make your hotel saleable online is becoming more of an issue as customer’s book increasingly with hotels which project qualitative descriptive content and visuals.


Why Increase your Hotel Exposure on OTA’s?

  • Increased visibility while travellers search online
  • Boost in bookings through the billboard effect on hotel’s own website and offline by travellers who discover the hotel through OTA’s
  • Creates interest, develops brand recognition and familiarity
  • Increased searches for the hotel online

How does the Bill Board Effect work?

Bill Board Effect is the marketing and advertising benefits experienced by hotels when they are listed on online travel agent websites like Expedia or Having complete, up to date listings across OTAs is crucial for taking advantage of the “Bill Board Effect” and for having a holistic hotel online marketing strategy.

Is Your Hotel Standing Out on OTAs?

Hotels worldwide are very focused on operations. Very little time is spent by hotel teams on site for strategic revenue generation. Here are some critical areas to make your hotel stand out.

  • Systematic ongoing study to check if hotel is maximising revenue potential. What are the gaps & opportunities online currently?
  • An ongoing plan and person to monitor and make required changes to maximise revenue and visibility online
  • Improve quality of descriptive content and visuals to make hotel more saleable online
  • A regular study of new opportunities from OTA’s to promote hotels with creation of packages and special deals
  • Regular price reviews to check on how the hotel is positioned online vis a vis key competition and what actions should be taken

These 5 secrets will help you to discover “How to sell more on OTA’s”

  1. Better Merchandising with Inspiring Content – Selling hotel rooms online involves making engaging, detailed visual and written content available to travel shoppers on all the digital channels they use throughout the shopping journey.
  2. Producing High Quality Hotel Video – A great way to build the brand credibility and enhance consumer trust, with the ultimate aim, of course, of driving conversion.
  3. Smart Phones to Lead Travel Bookings – It is becoming increasingly popular to book hotels on the go and at the last minute. Business Travellers, who have to be flexible with their travel arrangements, are increasingly booking their hotel room last – minute using mobile devices. And leisure travellers who are happy to take their chances of waiting until the last minute to get the best price are the other segment.
  4. Top 10 Tips for Competitive Intelligence – By understanding how your top competitors use search to best reach customers, you can apply learning’s and re-strategize your own approach to increase your competitive advantage.
  5. Real Time Feed Back Opportunity on OTA’s – Many Online Travel Agencies are providing an opportunity to discover and resolve guest issues before they become bad reviews. The hotelier then has the new opportunity to address any negatives and enhance any positives while the guest is still on-property.