Do Women Business Travellers Hate Your Hotel?


Women travelling on business are a fast growing traveller segment. But why treat this as any different to business travellers in general?

For one, they do have slightly different requirements when it comes to the hotel and room facilities. Women travellers need to feel safe, comfortable and pampered. And they tend to consume hotel services differently. Leisure facilities relating to health and wellness as well as quality of lifestyle amenities are critical. They also tend to be higher spending than your average business traveller.

[pullquote]What does your hotel offer women business travellers? [/pullquote] Some hotels provide power hair dryers and full length mirrors in the room. Some focus on room safety with chain locks on doors and allocating rooms in more secure locations within the hotel.

With the increasing potential and spending power of this segment, larger hotel chains are leaving no stone unturned to attract and retain the loyalty of female business travellers.

If you are an independent hotel and wondering what you can do to attract this segment, then read through our selection:

2The rise of female business travellers – The key factors of importance to female business travellers include security, reliable and empathetic personnel, privacy and healthy options, accurate guides, conveniences, cleanliness and amenities.


Mining online reviews to find out what women really want on a trip – When travelling alone for business, women are more inclined to combine their business travel with leisure. 44% of female business travellers incorporate leisure experiences into their travel, and 20% of female business travellers add vacation days to extend their stay.


Hotels put in the extra yard to woo women business travellers – The trend of catering to women is a budding phenomenon across the globe, and the list of hotels offering such personalized service and amenities is growing. Hoteliers are paying attention to what women want from their hotel experience going the extra mile with a little bit of sensitivity and care.


Hyatt brings its brand experience to life with Google solutions – Hyatt Hotels corporation, a global leader in hospitality wanted to highlight its hotels improvements, specifically to female business travellers. To do so, it turned to Lightbox Ads. Taking advantage of the format’s creative canvas, Hyatt brought its brand to life in a full-screen rich media experience.


How to Market Your Hotel to Female Travellers – Most women tend to respond to marketing messages that tell a compelling story using descriptive images and text to inform and inspire. Whether online or in print media, graphically told hotel stories that are authentic, insightful and inspirational, that don’t talk down to women or perpetuate erroneous stereotypes, will grab their attention.