Does your hotel photo gallery make travellers to book?

Travellers are looking for more than a place to see. They are looking for an experience that includes the places they will eat, what they find when they walk down the street, where they are going to shop and so on. The conversations from hotels to consumers are being told less through text and more through visuals. As social beings we are drawn to interesting images. When we find a compelling image we instinctively want to share. Today consumers share images with hotels and with other consumers through online channels.

Your hotel images prepare potential travellers for what’s to come. Hence photography has the power to determine whether you win or lose a booking. The most interesting observation is that images can often change a potential guest’s mind – making them consider a hotel that before was not in their mind or to drop a hotel they were going to book.

Does your hotel photo gallery make travellers to book
A beautiful picture is worth many bookings

These 4 tips will give you ideas to make your prospects excited to book your hotel:-

Skip the stock photography

With real life travellers creating and sharing content, consumers don’t have to half-heartedly trust generic brand advertising. After all, the happy family poolside at the hotel in the photo may as well be their own. How should hotels learn to acquire content from customers in the least intrusive, most effective way possible?

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Don’t settle for a few good shots

Expedia has studied the increase of conversions based on content. First off eye-catching photography is a must. Hotels with quality photography are 1.9 % more likely to get booked. “Some travellers won’t book a hotel unless it shows a photo of their bathrooms”

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Invest in an experienced, top notch hotel photographer

Investing in a professional photographer to get high quality photos of your property will pay off in the long run and incite higher interest. You should also keep in your mind your target audience when choosing which photos to feature: if you cater to couples, show photos that position yourself as a romantic getaway.

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Psychology behind successful hotel websites

Some hotels are more beautiful or more grand than others. Some are placed in more stunning locations. Then there are hotels that are simply better at convincing people to book than others. Don’t count it as a fluke or good luck. These successful hotels have learned how to tap into the psychology behind buying behaviours and implementing them into their hotel website design.

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