Find out What Business Travellers Want from Your Hotel

A hotel is a travellers’ paradise in a city away from his/her cosy and comfortable home. But, when it comes to business travellers their want and requirements from Traveller hotels are altogether different. The business travellers contribute huge revenues to the hotels. The traveller hotels extract more than half of their revenue from the business sector. Thus, it is necessary for them to know each and every minute requirement of the business travellers from their hotels. According to a survey, many business travellers put forth their requirements from the hotels quite clearly, which is a must for all hotels to consider in order attracting more and more business travellers. These business travellers want their hotel to be a perfect amalgamation of their home as well as their office, where they can rest peacefully as well as can carry out their office works. Such requirements are discussed below:business travellers

  • Conveyance to the hotel: The hotel for travellers must inform the business travellers beforehand about the traffic and the route for reaching the hotel. Also, if there is any traffic or delaying in reaching is suspected they must immediately find an alternative and inform for the same.
  • Checking-in: We see the business travellers are usually on a tight schedule. They cannot wait in long queues to check into the hotels. There mist provision for a separate line for business travellers to save their time or best could be the use of technology, where they can simply check in through their smartphones!
  • Generous numbers of plug points : Many hotels lack enough plug points. Their rooms only contain one plug point or so. It is insanely necessary for the hotels to install efficient and at least four plug points. Now the plug points can be annoying when you are unable to attach the plugs side by side because they just won’t fit on the line! So, install plugs near the beds or the work desk for the ease of usage and also they are working!
  • Strong and ever connected WiFi connection: Now when there is the continuous use of the internet, checking and updating emails is super necessary then it is important for the hotel for business travellers to be decked up with a strong WiFi connection. The WiFi should be free and fast as they are more tech savvy and have continuous usage of internet for making video calls or mails etc.
  • Work desk and sofa set: The business travellers as soon as they reach their room start up with their work. We all know that businessmen usually lack extra time. Therefore, there must a comfortable sofa set and a work desk in the room so that they can easily place their laptop on the desk or sit on a sofa and carry on their work. Sitting on the bed and carrying out the work is becomes quite uncomfortable.
  • Laundry service: The laundry services must be quick and effective for the business travellers as they need to look best and fit always.
  • Well arranged room amenities: If the room is not comfortable and friendly to them then why would they want to stay at your hotel? There must be a facility to control the heat or temperature of the room. A small fridge and silent fridge, well maintained washroom, an electric kettle and of course a super comfortable bed!
  • Adequate lighting in the room: As these travellers work a lot and quite late, therefore, the lighting of the room must be adequate so as to suit their eyes, work and mind too.
  • Good connectivity to the city: The location of the hotel must be in the proximity of the major areas of the city like, airport, railway stations, super market and effective shuttle service so that they reach their destined locations on time.
  • Checking-out: The facility for checking out in hotels for business travellers must be quick and responsive. Besides the business travellers must be given some cost effective hotel packages so that they always prefer to stay at your hotel whenever they are in the city.

So, plan out your traveller hotels facilities as per the requirements of the business travellers. The more the hotel will be friendly, pocket friendly and comfortable for them the more will be your positive hotel reviews. Which in turn is quite important for the publicity of the hotel.

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