Four key factors to increase group business

Every hotel needs groups. Some may not like them, but will continue to take them. After all it can be a lucrative segment. So let us say that you have understood your group channels and have those enquiries steadily coming in. What are you doing to ensure that you maximise conversion? There are four critical areas to pay attention to.

Speed – Different markets, different clients, different requirements but all require a speedy response. Do you always adhere to a standard response time?

Accuracy – In a highly demanding and fast moving market place, it is important to get the details right. Responding to a group enquiry accurately, saves time for both parties

Presentation – A clear attractive format outlining the key details provides a visual impact as well as serves a functional purpose

Consistency – A consistent format allows the end user to spot the information relevant to them.

All sound elementary? Not when you check back on how many hotels can say yes to all four…

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