How a hotel can differentiate deals from OTA’s

This is an excerpt from an interview with Max Starkov, founder of HEBS digital – and he has some very insightful comments on how hotels can continue to market their own brand ahead of the multiple channels including OTA’s.  The below statement is a MUST READ for an independent hotel.

“In this age of rate parity, hoteliers must become more innovative in their special offers and promotions, and come up with value-added promotions that bundle the “naked” hotel rate with F&B credits, parking garage credits, event and entertainment tickets, etc. The point here is to create unique and enticing offers, packages and promotions for the hotel website and market those via the direct online channel in a multi-channel campaign fashion.

Over time this approach will convince travel consumers that the hotel website is the one and only source of intriguing and meaningful hotel offers and it will become the preferred choice for booking the hotel.”

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