How Hotels can and should use Meta Search

Metasearch is considered to be one of the biggest digital marketing trends for hoteliers. Metasearch may still be at a nascent stage when compared to traditional search. However reports show that metasearch statistics are showing a progressive trend in recent years and continuing to grow. In this age of technology traditional search is definitely losing its charm, as more and more internet users opt to take advantage of the features of metasearch.

[pullquote]Travel bookers love having the best options out of the widest available offer all in one place[/pullquote]

What does Metasearch mean for hotels?

Metasearch websites act as a lead generation platform that allows bookers to search across multiple online travel agencies to get a ‘ready to compare’ list of results in one place. Kayak was an early starter with Trivago & TripAdvisor the other major players. Selecting an option presented takes you through to the OTA selected.

How does Metasearch work?

A hotel metasearch engine has connectors to many hotel providers from which hotel data is aggregated. A hotel need agreements with each one of these providers, gaining you access to their APIs. Among many functions, the engine should at least be able to request hotel availability from providers (such as,, Agoda etc), download and store hotel and destination data, sync and update hotel information and pictures, detect and group same hotels, present aggregated hotel search results in a comprehensive way and much more.

Why all this interest in Metasearch?

Travel bookers love having the best options out of the widest available offer all in one place. A menu with their personal preferences arranged the way they like to see it!

How hotels can use meta search for more bookings

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