How to benefit from millions of hotel queries on Google every day

According to research 75 % of leisure travellers and 65% of business travellers use digital resources when planning their travel. And travellers site search engines as their most common point of entry. On Google alone, there are millions of hotel queries every day.

On top of using multiple sources of information, consumers also navigate across multiple devices, at a bus stop on their mobile device, at home on a desktop or even at work in between meetings on laptops. Hotels have more opportunity than ever before to connect with potential customers. However, this evolving rather complex multi-screen planning process can present significant challenges in terms of knowing when, how and where to engage with potential customers.

This is where Google Hotel Ads can help your hotel to stay competitive.

How to engage with potential customers with Google Hotel Ads
How to engage with potential customers on Google Hotel Ads

What are Google Hotel Ads?

Google Hotel Ads allow future travellers to book a room or doing research across hotels listed on google. So how does someone planning to travel interact with Google Hotel Ads?

Anywhere a user could be making a travel related booking decisions, google surfaces hotel ads to help them evaluate the pricing and booking options available to them across dozens of partners and then actually execute on their decision.

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Let’s take a deeper look at 3 key benefits of Google Hotel Ads:

Increase Direct Traffic

Google Hotel Ads show up across multiple google touch points as well as across devices. By participating in hotel ads, you are able to connect with travellers looking for rooms that you have, no matter where or when they are searching.

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Control the brand experience  

Hotel Ads essentially provide additional sources of traffic for hotel suppliers whether it’s on google search or maps. In direct traffic means, you control the customer’s entire experience with your brand on top of getting analytics for their entire journey from start to finish which allow for a long term insight in optimisation.

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Grow revenue efficiently

Hotel Ads capture consumers deeper in the funnel to deliver highly qualified leads. Users in Hotel Ads have typically specified key details about their desired room and seen decision influencing information like room availability, price, description, reviews, photos, location and even more. In other words, users clicking on a Google Hotel Ad have already wedded many details about what you are offering making them more highly qualified shoppers.

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