Is Mobile The Only Future Of Hotel Bookings?

The internet has proven to be a red-blooded discovery in the present century. And when combined with mobile then this technology is virally being used by almost every person. The ease of usage and a little bit of knowledge about the technology has made even a layman to use several applications or conduct every work on the internet. Now, talking about hotels, we can see every hotel has it’s own online portal or mobile application for online hotel booking, making it super easy to book hotel, choose a room as per your rate and budget or location. Besides, the discounts which are offered on the site act a cherry on the top for customers. This mobile utility for hotel booking is not only beneficial for customers but for the hotel owners as well in numerous ways.

mobile 2Ease of finding hotel room availability

The ease of finding the availability of hotel online in your mobile lessens the pain of finding availability of hotel rooms in the city by the travellers. Normally, during peak season, most of the hotels get booked up, and it becomes quite difficult for travellers who have not pre-booked a hotel room for themselves. As a result, their travelling experience turns out to be a flop idea! During recent years, it has been estimated that around 80% of people search and book hotels online. The mobile applications or online portals have drawn more and more traffic to the sites of such hotels resulting in positive responses and booking online by the travellers.

Portability of mobiles

Every second person is now booking a hotel online. The portability of mobile makes it ease and flexibility of location of going their hotel. Even when you are standing in a crowded place you can easily browse through the best hotels available for you and within seconds and few clicks will do everything for you. Now this would not have been possible with a laptop in your hand. Since mobile is very handy as compared to carrying your laptop with you everywhere.

Mobile version sites and apps of the hotels

Such great responses from the customers have made the hotel owners to construct a mobile friendly version of their sites. Constructing a mobile version eases the users to quickly go through the hotel services, rates and availability and book accordingly. While the desktop version doesn’t work in mobile or lacks some functions when operated through mobiles.

Strong connectivity with customers

Many hotel owners have said that through the introduction of mobile booking facilities, they are now able to build stronger relationships with their customers. This facility has turned to be quite a profitable asset, which not only brings value to be customers but also has made the owners get insights of the customer’s preferences, feedbacks and the booking styles.


The FAQs have been quite a wide scope for the customers and the hotel owners as well. The FAQs provide the customers to quickly get the solution to their queries or problems. Also, the other questions asked by the customers make the hotels consider their queries and problems, for working in that direction. The mobile seems to be the answer for all.

Customer feedbacks

Another attribute of mobile booking is considering the feedbacks of the customers. The customers may face many problems during mobile bookings, and they post their feedbacks for the same. Feedbacks are not necessarily negative, they are positive too. The positive, as well as negative feedback, are quiet crucial for the hotel owners to look into their online services or rectify if any problem gets encountered quickly.

Hotel owners have accepted that they are now being able to connect more with their customers through mobiles. Mobile users find it easy and convincing to directly book their hotels from their mobiles especially the business travellers. The hotels undoubtedly gross the most out of business travellers. They are regular and have less time always. The introduction of mobiles has made the hotel owners to build relationships and connect more with the business travellers.

Mobiles are now like your favourite buddies. You can find a mobile in every hand. While every person knows well how to use it. The universal utility of the mobile has made everything possible. Even the hotel booking seem to be done on mobile in near future. We can say, in the coming few years, it seems, the world is going to be mobile dr.

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