Is mobile the only future of hotel bookings?

Hoteliers used to design websites thinking about desktop. But now they are designing website thinking about mobile. Nowadays mobile bookings comprise almost half of all traffic to the websites. 3 out of 5 consumers are using mobile to do local searches. 80% of local searches on mobile phones convert to purchase. Mobile success means being present where your customers are when they use mobile devices to search.

Hotels definitely need to see the better way to connect with their customers through mobile devices. We all know when we travel, we are constantly attached to our mobile devices whether be it smart phones or tablets. Lot of hotels feel that they have been behind in bringing value and better connecting with customers through their devices. Mobile bookings have also become a great asset for the hotel as the booking trends show a lot of insights about their customers buying habits, who your customer are and what do they want etc.

Is your hotel website mobile friendly?

If you are an independent hotel looking to target mobile marketing, build better relationship with customers, bring more value to the customers through mobile channel, here are few tips to stay on top of it.

Mobile marketing FAQs for hoteliers

Mobile marketing is still relatively new. So the mobile experts turned popular questions into actionable advice for hotelier like you. Read below for the top things hoteliers want to know about driving mobile bookings and more.

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5 mobile musts for better hotel distribution

Connecting with customers in a world where distribution is increasingly dominated by mobile phones is causing hoteliers to constantly update their 360-degree views to convert surfing interest into booked hotel stays.

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Six essential tips for a successful mobile strategy

The hospitality industry has witnessed a huge surge in mobile activity over the past 12 months, growing at a faster rate than most other industries. With a 46% increase in hotel related searches, it is crucial that all hotels have a mobile strategy in place to ensure they maximize the potential of mobile platform.

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What’s holding back your mobile bookings?

While mobile’s share of bookings is on the rise, hoteliers have some work to do to enhance the user experience. The detailed four things holding hotelier back when it comes to getting their share of mobile bookings are:

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It’s time you take mobile seriously. Here’s why

Mobile has already happened. It actually broke through somewhere over the last 18 months, but many hoteliers failed to notice its real impact. Here’s why.

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