Is your hotel offering culinary experiences to increase bookings?

Food tourism tells the story of a destination’s history, culture and people. Food and drink in all its diversity, often defines the character of a destination and its people. Today’s traveller mixes more authentic experiences like food and culture, food festivals etc creating bigger opportunities for hoteliers. Hotels can capitalise on this popular trend to attract more guests by offering culinary packages and activities that target the interests of potential guests.

Driven by today’s intense online social media activity around unique culinary experiences, hotels are developing local food-themed promotions to evolve their brand story.

How to offer culinary package to increase bookings?

If you are an independent hotel and wondering what you can do to attract this segment, then read through our selection:

How culinary experiences can help hotels generate new social trends

Social food porn has today become an explosion of food-focused media and social media and farm-to-table movement among large travel brands and the introduction of high-profile events celebrating local cuisine.

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Luxury hotels should use local culture to attract guests

Luxury hotels that dabble in the native cuisine, explore the surrounding area and delve into the local culture will stand out to consumers and help the properties get ahead of their competitors since these packages provide experiences that cannot be emulated elsewhere.

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How culinary tourism is becoming a growing trend in travel

There is a growing population of travellers that have become more interested in the various cuisines and cultures from countries all over the world, and are planning vacations specifically to incorporate culinary trips.

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How to attract gastronomical tourists

Hotel chains know that food is important for travellers and the results of these studies support it. Here are some tips to increase the interest of culinary travellers in order to increase the bookings.

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Offer culinary experiences to increase hotel bookings

Hotels can capitalize on popular trends to attract guests: 31 percent of travellers are interested in the farm-to-table movement, and 26 percent want to learn about food trucks.

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