Is your hotel missing out on Bleisure travellers?

A Bleisure traveller is someone who is on business but plans some leisure activities – it could be visiting sights or meeting with friends at the destination. Or vice versa, it could be a traveller who is on holiday but needs to keep an eye on their business by checking e-mails or hop onto a conference call before they head to the beach.

Are you thinking that this is nothing new? You’d be right to think so! So what has changed and why treat them as yet another (albeit rather trashy sounding) segment? The reason is simple – they have money and seek hotels that meet their multiple requirements.

Is your hotel targeting Bleisure travellers
How to cater to bleisure traveller ?

This presents a new opportunity for hotels to communicate to this segment creatively.  A simple variation is to create business and leisure packages on the hotel website combining these possibilities.

Bleisure combines mixed influences. They can include personal goals ie business & leisure, employer’s goal or travel companion’s goal. It can also depend on an inflexible itinerary. The key for the hotel is to provide relevance and help the traveller relate to the experiences possible.

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