Latest trends from the World Travel Market 2015

As with the previous years, WTM and Euromonitor presented the latest travel trends from around the world. We wanted to highlight some areas that are relevant for the hotel industry. blogindia

The section on travel technology and online bookings caught our eye. These are excerpts from the Euromonitor report available for download here:

  • The online channel continues to show dynamic performance across the board, registering positive increases in all travel sectors.
  • Hotels are recording the highest growth for online travel sales worldwide, driven by strong performance by both direct and intermediaries sales as customers opt for internet booking.
  • The mobile channel has now reached significant levels of sales, with global mobile sales to residents, accounting for 12.5% of all online travel sales

Technology is about to transform the travel experience to make it richer and more enjoyable on the basis of travellers’ personal preferences. Thanks to mobile technology and big data analytics, travel companies and technology players will be able to suggest interesting things for travellers to do at their location.

Suggestions will be personalised, cross checking data on consumers’ preferences and current location with online inventories of local travel services and activities. What travellers want, before they know they want it

  • The TripAdvisor Apple Watch app can send a push notification at lunchtime of the highest rated
    restaurant nearby. The next step will be tailoring that to travellers’ personal tastes.
  • Google Now is aiming to proactively bring consumers information before they ask, based on their past behaviour, with geo-localisation keeping suggestions locally relevant.
  • According to Nathalie Huth, at Google Germany GmbH, companies need to know their customer and connect the right data at the right moment to deliver the right service
Tech giants and online travel agents (OTAs) lead the way
  • In future all large travel companies are expected to provide personalised mobile services.
  • OTAs, such as and Expedia, are currently working on customers’ preferences to increase booking conversions, and they will move to personalised mobile services next.
  • Other companies well-positioned to offer this service in the future, thanks to their vast knowledge of consumers, include Google, TripAdvisor, Apple and Facebook.

All content above is from the Euromonitor report available for download here

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