Making the Most of Business Travel

Let’s face it, not many of us look forward to traveling for business. The combined stress of being away from home, company expectation of productivity and unforeseen situations cropping up would make most of us uncomfortable before the trip, and relieved after it’s over.

Here are 5 ways in which you can make the best of your next business trip.

  1. Stress- Avoiding stress is the key to making the best of a business trip. And one of the best ways to avoid stress even while on the ground is to leave early. Nothing sets the foundation for a stressful business trip more than having the stress of possibly missing your flight. It’s better to arrive at the airport 15 minutes earlier than to stress out. And while you are on your 15- minute- earlier departure to the airport, a simple but often overlooked action you can take is to Call in ahead to re- confirm your booking. Hotels overbook, and who knows who gets pushed down the list?
  1. Airport transfers-There have been horror stories narrated, of people being taken for a ride by taxi drivers waiting for gullible travelers who did not opt for airport transfers. Some of the scams to watch out for are taking a longer route, taking on multiple passengers without your consent and tampered meters. Add in the fact that you forgot to activate international roaming or did not pick up a country specific prepaid card, and the foundation for an unpleasant memory is set. Though expensive, opting for airport transfers makes up for by providing a safe and comfortable travel to your Hotel.
  1. Small but important things- It’s not just the right size and shape of the plug! Plug in a Hotel provided Iron to an adapter designed for lower wattage that you purchased in your home country, and you could very well fry the adapter. Be sure to check the wattage of the device you are plugging in, and the power rating of the country you are visiting.
  1. Avoid the box- What about once you arrive at your Hotel? Turn on the box as soon as you reach your room, and before you know it an hour has passed by. A great alternative is to work out, use the spa to beat the lag or call home.
  1. After work- So, what do you do once your work day in the new place comes to an end? Chances are you would be invited to an informal dinner with your colleagues. Get online and look up the hottest eating, chill out and party joints in the city you are planning to visit.

Some might prefer taking some time out for oneself, in which case plan ahead to go city exploring well ahead. Most big cities have efficient radio taxis, intra city train services, cell phone networks and city wide bus connectivity. This way, the city is your Oyster, so to speak. The options here are unlimited and can range from sampling the city’s street food, to checking out a play to shopping!

Business trips are an important and necessary part of today’s corporate ecosystem. It would be naïve to embark on a business trip without adequate preparation and organization. Planning ahead and taking care of the details personally to avoid stress go a long way in meeting the goals of the trip.

Which of the above 5 tips would you like to implement in your next business trip? From your own experiences, what are the lessons you have learnt about business travel? Would you like to implement some solutions to those lessons?

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