Hoteliers planning a new website? Remember the 8 seconds rule!

Within 8 seconds a person will decide whether or not it is worthwhile to further explore your website! So thinking through your content beyond room images or beautiful landscapes is critical.

A simple but extremely effective mechanism to figure out what goes on your website is the content goal matrix. This makes it easy to define the goal and target groups that you want to address. The matrix is essentially a simple table and could look something like this:

  • Column 1 will have profile of key customers eg: UK leisure traveller, Travel Agencies from Delhi etc
  • Column 2 will ask “what are the actions that each of these key customers should take after visiting your website”. eg: Book online, download brochure, subscribe to newsletter etc
  • Column 3 will ask for a “list of information that should be presented” to these segments identified in Column 3 in order to help them complete the responses you wish for in Column 2. eg: Testimonials, B to B portal for travel agencies, videos etc

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