The Insider’s Guide to Hotel’s Summer Holiday Marketing

We all remember the long days of our summer holidays. Perhaps this is the chance to take your family to explore beaches and landscapes of India with a little more time on your hands. Oops! I am supposed to write about what our hotels should focus to boost the revenues out of upcoming Summer Holidays.


What is your hotel doing?

Big brands are aiming at the consumer’s emotions with holiday marketing campaigns that tell stories about family gathering with plethora of attractions and activities for children and adults. So rather than telling your target market about your hotel room and facilities, tell them how it fits into the travellers personalised requirements. (For example: In house safe for any international traveller would be of prime importance as they may want to keep their passports in safe custody than handing it over to the reception or carrying around)

Visual Value – Adding some visual value to the exterior and interior of your hotel to reflect the holiday season will increase the ambience and feel inviting to your guests

Holiday specific Packages – Running or repurposing a holiday themed special is a great way to get visitors to the hotel’s site, while this holiday package page should entice those users to convert and become actual guests.

Create a Holiday Things to Do Page on the Website – Creating a page on the hotel’s website dedicated to holiday happenings will increase the visibility, social shares and website visitor’s statistics drastically.

Decorate Your Social Channels – Cover images are the first thing users see on your social channels. Add some holiday elements to cover profile images.

Be Your Area’s Holiday Expert on OTAs – Update your Online Travel Agencies with tips for your market this holiday season. Update your special offer listed on Trip Advisor with the holiday specials (Get More Bookings from OTAs)

These 5 articles will give you tonnes of ideas to make your hotel more saleable during summer holidays

Hotel Social Media Marketing Tips For Holiday Season – Do you need to beef up your holiday social media campaign? Here’s how you can increase your social media engagement while getting your fans and prospective guests with these ideas.

Holiday Packages on Online Travel Agencies – A lot of hotels are selling packages, but not many are making packages searchable online and consumable.
We need to make the content searchable, consumable and more importantly – personalised.

Digital Marketing Trends to Capitalize on the Holiday Season – For hotels, life is a bit different during the holiday season between finalizing budgets, setting end of year meetings etc, Hoteliers are trying to think of creative ways to fill the property during the holiday season.

Best Travel Ads  – Travel brands have already been pushing holiday deals and marketing for days. To kick start the holiday spirit, this week’s ad round up are from the early moves in holiday marketing.

Why You Should Avoid Selling Rooms for Peanuts – Discounting is dead. There are many other approaches that can help you through a slow season.