Top 5 conversion tips for allows travellers worldwide to compare and choose between over 650,000 different accommodations, including hotels, resorts, villas and guest houses. All accommodations, big or small, can sell rooms through for a reasonable cost.


As you can imagine – with such a wide ranging list, ensuring visibility is important and can be challenging. Here are five areas to consider if is part of your online distribution strategy (which we believe it should be).


The content is updated on manually. This information does not come through any feeds. All the content has to be manually given to the account managers to be uploaded on the extranet directly. The content that you are providing has to be most accurate and up to date.

Top 5 conversion tips for
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A high cancellation rate affects your hotel ranking and can lead to lost revenue. If your content on the website is not matching with other third party websites, the guests may cancel because the information is not correct. Hence it is important to make sure that the content is always up to date.

Secondly if your hotel is overpriced in comparison to equivalent hotels in the same area, they may end up booking with a competitor hotel. Guests will search on multiple sites before finalizing the booking. If the rates are not consistent across all the online channels, they may end up cancelling the one which is obviously the higher.

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Constant Availability

It is a best practice to list all room types on This way the guests have the option and ability to choose the room type they are looking for and not limited to one or two room types. If the guest’s option is limited to one or two room types they are likely leave the website and go to other property which offers best possible options.

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Competitive Rates

Ensuring regular price reviews to check how your hotel is positioned online vis a vis key competition and what actions should be taken is very critical to generate the revenue and make your hotel ranked at the top

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There is a tool within extranet on the statistics tab to analyze the visitors versus conversions for your hotel. Your hotel has access to this report all times and can tweak your online marketing strategy based on this.

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