Top 9 Online Travel Agencies for Indian Hotels & Why

We take a look at the best OTA’s that all Indian hotels should be working with and why. This is a subjective list mainly considering smaller independent hotels.
















1 – has achieved remarkable success in India and probably enjoys the best reputation among all OTA’s operating in India.

  • Hotels love it that they have an incredibly low commission structure starting at 12% although bookings maybe a bit sparse at that commission level
  • Time taken for a property to go live is probably the fastest among all OTA’s if the hotel is ready with all relevant information
  • com delivers bookings in most destinations small and big

Areas to consider:

Some smaller hotels find the payment mechanism for challenging. Commissions are billed monthly and payments need to be made to their Dutch office in USD as they do not have an office in India.

And as bookings are made with credit cards, guaranteed bookings may have to be charged with a card holder not present function – a facility not readily available in most small independent hotels.

2 –  

182253_457123810983202_723276886_n The giant of the online world is a powerful marketing and booking machine with its own brand and associated brands like and It has had a few stutters in India, but continues to pull its weight in key destinations.

  • Hotels like the reach they enjoy once they are on Expedia through its subsidiary companies
  • Expedia has also adapted to market conditions by reviewing its commission structures. Expedia Pay at Hotel starts at 15% commissions

Areas to consider:

Expedia does not like to operate in smaller and less known destinations. So if you are a small hotel in a relatively new destination, chances are that Expedia will not sell your hotel although there are signs of this changing.

Getting a hotel live on Expedia can take time particularly towards the year end and holiday seasons.

3 –

182253_457123810983202_723276886_nIndia’s largest Online Travel Agency and a member of the top 10 OTA’s club worldwide in revenues. MMT as it is popularly known was an early starter on the scene and probably has the widest range of Indian hotels.

  • Hotels like MMT because they have been successful in delivering bookings to all destinations and hotel segments
  • Their offline travel centres in major metros have worked well for lot of hotels in terms of small group reservations

Areas to consider:

MMT raised its commission percentage to 25% not so long ago making it rather expensive to do business with if your margins are low.

4 –

182253_457123810983202_723276886_nAlthough part of the Priceline group that owns, Agoda operates independently with a strong Asian focus.

  • Getting live on Agoda is fast and efficient
  • It offers multiple options for payment collection
  • Best for hotels in the INR 3000 to 7000 range

Areas to consider:

Booking volumes from Agoda can vary widely and it can be sometimes difficult to estimate production.

5 –, Travelguru and Desiya combines to make this OTA big and successful.

  • Hotels like the combination of bookings online and from their offline booking centres
  • It has a very wide reach and covers a range of different hotels

Areas to consider:

If you are a niche boutique hotel, chances are that you may not be that visible.

6 –

182253_457123810983202_723276886_nGoibibo is a relatively new entrant to the Indian scene but has established their presence quickly.

  • Goibibo has been very pro-active with hotels and its marketing spend.
  • They work on performance linked programmes

7 –

An early leader in OTA’s in India, it has slowed down a bit – with its extremely clean interface and early partnerships with IRCTC to de182253_457123810983202_723276886_nliver train tickets, Cleartrip had a great start.

  • Cleartrip tends to attract a slightly higher spending traveller

Areas to consider:

Cleartrip bookings have decreased in certain destinations although this could be temporary. Some of the processes and functionality to upload content can be lengthy.

8 –

182253_457123810983202_723276886_nAlthough this German giant has not made significant strides in India, they are systematically working towards it.

  • HRS’s strength has always been its corporate clients. Working closely with HRS can open up possibilities to corporate RFP programmes

Areas to consider:

Leisure destination hotels may find it less useful.

9 –

182253_457123810983202_723276886_nEzeego is Cox & Kings foray into the online travel agency world and has steadily made progress.

They are worth watching as they have increased number of bookings with its wide range of hotels