What do travelers want? Setting hotel and travel marketing priorities in 2012

I loved this article from a previous hotel general manager, Daniel Edward Craig – we are so lost in our own wishlists that we forget what a traveller really wants…..

The Internet and social media have placed a wealth of information at the fingertips of travelers. So we should be making better decisions, right?

I put the theory to the test on a recent trip to Europe, when I went decided to visit Lyon for the first time. My needs were simple: a decent, reasonably-priced hotel in a convenient location.

A mere 72 searches, 1103 websites and 67,321 reviews later, I had narrowed things down to the ideal hotel. Upon arrival, however, I discovered an overpriced, substandard hotel in an uninspiring location. It was under renovation, and the next morning I was jolted from sleep by power drilling. Then the power went out.

As I stumbled around in the darkness I got to wondering, if I, a travel marketing consultant who knows many of the tricks of the trade, can be steered so wrong, how are other travelers faring?


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