Why have great content on your hotel website (and how)?


A lot has been said about having the right content on hotel websites, but many independent hotels still find it difficult to pinpoint the actions they need to take. This week we take a practical look at what a hotel can do to improve the quality of the content on their website and why they should spend time on it. So here is a scenario:

Traveller reads this on the website of Resort A:

Welcome to our resort. The deluxe suites are planned with only one purpose in mind – your comfort. The resort has 20 deluxe suites with 10 twins. All rooms are luxurious and the hotel has a multi cuisine restaurant, bar, snooker table, travel desk and friendly service.

As most visitors do, they move on to find more information on rooms and find this information:

Our Premium Rooms are available with AC / Non-AC, Wall mounted Hair Dryer, Magnifying Mirror, Kettles, Coffee Makers, 32″ LED Satellite TV

Traveller visits Resort B’s (competitor) website and reads this

Set on the peaceful backwaters of Kerala, our Resort welcomes guests with its beautiful gardens, an outdoor pool overlooking the serene backwaters and 20 exclusive cottages spread over ten acres. The verdant landscape punctuated by glimmering pools of water and picturesque farmland earmark the resort as the ideal getaway. The weather is sublime throughout the year.

And moving on the rooms, this is what the visitor reads:

Independent, spacious, luxuriously appointed rooms of 600 sq ft with en-suite bathrooms and a king sized bed with fluffy mattresses and fine bed linen. The cottage also enjoys a private balcony overlooking the park. The rooms promise world class comfort with contemporary facilities. The aesthetic finish, luxury amenities and in room wi-fi make for a great stay whether you are on business or leisure.

Now all other factors matching closely; and in a highly competitive environment, where pricing is also similar (irrespective of which resort is actually better) where is this traveller likely to book?

Most likely with Resort B who used a descriptive mix of information to help the visitor visualise the experience they are likely to have. Images help massively; however all hotel bookers seek information beyond the images.

So are you ready? Just having a great property is not enough to drive high quality travellers to your hotel – whether it is through your own website or through other Online Channels. Have you invested enough time and effort in creating some great content?

Here are some resources to help:

  • Hotel/Room Description template to structure your core content – Click here to download
  • An article on creating content –  Click here
  • A practical guide to finding website key words that work – Click here

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