Why package creation on ota is critical?

Have you decided to join the ranks of marketing-savvy hoteliers who offer packages to your guests on OTAs? Good move – Packages are desirable among leisure travellers because they combine overnight accommodations with the activities they want to enjoy in your area. The packaged price is a convenience for your guest, and a marketing tool for you to sell rooms during traditionally low-occupancy periods.

Why Packages?

Packages & Offer
Packages & Offer

Packages can boost profits and increase occupancy during slow seasons. Also, guests who buy packages are less likely to cancel their vacation. For example, you could include culinary experiences near your hotel location, or partner with wine tour companies offering wine tasting. You could also publicise your special features, such as your award winning restaurant or your pet friendly rooms. It is important for your hotel to work with local attractions in order to increase tourism.

Here are five things to consider while creating packages:-

Brand – For a luxury property, don’t think of this as a “discount” offer, this is a value added experience. Should the hotel and attractions partnering together on a package deal discount their rates before putting the pieces together? Not necessarily, although a savvy traveller who does their research might not see the point in booking a Rs.5500 hotel and tour package if they learn that the hotel’s average rates work out to Rs.4,500 and tour costs another Rs.1000. However, the real value of the package comes from the time savings of one-stop-shopping. Read More

Identify your target market – The next step is to identify the travellers who would take advantage of the promotion. If you have a family friendly property, consider partnering with local museums, theme parks. If you have a small luxury property popular with couples, think about offering cultural or culinary experiences together. Read More

Choose your OTAs – With so many options out there, how do you figure out which OTAs you should be partnering with. The largest global OTA simply cannot be ignored. Some serious thought needs to go into choosing package partners. There are preferred OTAs that the hotel works with based on the popularity of their tours and activities. You should definitely try to partner with Booking.com. They offer excellent support to both travellers and hoteliers worldwide. How to create a package on Booking.com

Work on Value Additions – Most travel packages include accommodation and an activity component, but one should not forget the in house value additions. Your hotel can add even more value to the package by adding services such as dining, in house movies and spa treatments. This will encourage online travel shoppers to try your supplemental offerings. Read More

Time Factor – Packages should offer attractions to stay during off seasons when you need to fill rooms. Business hotels use them to fill rooms on weekends. If there is a special event or festival taking place, work with the organizers to offer timely promotional deals. Example

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