7 Ways to Attract Leisure Travellers – Hotel Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest popularity depends largely on unique design and appeal. Hotel marketing on Pinterest should showcase collateral that make hotels, resorts and restaurants unique. Rich media content, Instagram photos and chic design elements create an appealing  proposition.

So what more can you do as a hotel?

1.Become a Destination Concierge – Pinterest is the ‘tabula rasa’ of opportunities, limited only by imagination. Hotel Marketing on Pinterest requires hotels in a specific location to create precise Pinterest boards on hidden attractions available at the destination, fun activities, areas of entertainment, travel bucket list and more. Ensure that the board is ultra-focused.

2. Bring the Chef into Limelight – Travel, hotels and food are so closely related. Food can also make or break a holiday. So emphasising your good work on the food front may pay rewards in more ways than one. Create chef/s profiles and promote their signature dishes and drinks, wine recommendations, healthy eating tips and traveller feedback on a specifically created Board for chef/s.  Travellers delight in excellent cuisine and this is a fabulous opportunity. Remember that 50% of re-pins on Pinterest are of food images.

3. Indirectly Boost Website s SEO with Links – Like Facebook, Pinterest attaches the “nofollow” tag to links but as any SEO veteran will suggest, a healthy matrix of “nofollow” and “dofollow” link is crucial. Use Pinterest to generate valuable links to the travel website and natural search listings.

4. Showcase Past Events and Occasions – A wonderful way to attract leisure travellers is to highlight the ‘happenings’ in the hotel. For example, if you wish to attract honeymoon couples or position the hotel as a destination wedding location, showcase past wedding shoots and private locations for honeymooning couples to attract that segment.

5. Channel the Interests of the Target Market – As the name suggests, Pinterest is an “interest”-based social platform; therefore, steer clear from advertisements, flyers, promotions, usual photography and regular marketing styles like publishing quotations and being preachy. Leisure travellers look for fun and entertainment, not sermons!

6. Create a Showcase of Hotel Rooms – After cuisine, hotel rooms are what travellers look at before booking. Therefore, it is prudent to create an online brochure of hotel rooms over Pinterest. Create a Board to showcase just the rooms and their amenities. Highlight the best hotel room views and convince the traveller of offering all the necessary amenities.

7. Add a ‘Pin’ Button on Blog Posts – Add a ‘Pin It’ hover button over images on your hotel website and blog to push visitors into sharing the images on Pinterest. Gaining followers and spreading word about business becomes easier. Sprout Social says user-generated content is 35% more retainable. Even though this content isn’t user-generated, the content “shares” are.

Hotel Marketing on Pinterest has the ability to deliver – it does that by its ability to entice the sensory perceptions of travellers. Images attract more than other forms of content, in terms of relatability. Ensure that 80% of the Pinterest content for hotels is non-promotional in nature. The idea is to create an inclusive brand presence and generate influence over visitors.

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