Best Check Lists for Hotel Digital Marketing

As HSMAI (The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International) concluded in a recent blog post, one of the most pressing issues facing hotel marketers is the internal stakeholder communication and awareness about digital marketing.

And in its recommendations, it suggests that if you are a hotel digital marketer, there are two simple things you can do to help GMs stay up to date – and one of them is to devise a simple cheat sheet. “Develop 1-page cheat sheets for your GMs at small, medium, and large properties. Put in writing their most frequently asked questions, and the most often overlooked solutions available.”

Here are some that we thought will come in handy if you decided to take HSMAI advice and pull a new check list together.

A Broad Digital Marketing Check – A checklist to turning the luxury hotel experience into online bookings

Hotel websites – Designing a new website?

Content Marketing – A Content Marketing Cheat Sheet for Hoteliers

Drive Direct Bookings – 6 Key Hotel E-commerce Tips: A Cheat Sheet to Drive Direct Business

TripAdvisor – The TripAdvisor cheat sheet for hotel marketers 

Social Media – Social Media Marketing Cheat sheet

And finally if you are looking for a quick solution, here is a basic ready to use list that you can download and start building on right away!


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