Promoting a boutique hotel? Don’t miss this check list!

Boutique hotels are inherently original, different, unusual, relatively small – all these facets also make boutique hotels slightly tricky to market effectively. So if you are looking to maximise revenue for a boutique hotel, here is a quick check list for your product and its promotion to make sure you are not missing any tricks!

Intimacy – Boutique hotels offer a sense of intimacy, privacy and comfort. Have you created an ambience where a guest feels more like they are in a luxury home rather than just at a hotel? Does your hotel offer  communal space where guests can interact if they chose to?

Rewards – Are you rewarding and incentivising your unique client base in a way that they appreciate. Have you considered using services like

Positioning – This is more important for a boutique hotel than any other. This determines the clients you attract, the price they pay and the feedback they share. So have you got it right?

Niche channels – Yes, standard OTAs like will deliver business, but not always the clientele that returns. Ensure that you engage with at least five exclusive OTA channels which primarily promote boutique hotels. Examples include Mr & Mrs Smith and I-escape.

Understand the customer – This is considered important in any hospitality enterprise of for that matter any business; however, learning the values and life style aspirations of your target customers and providing services that meet them is the way to true differentiation.





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