Two great tools to plan your hotel sales and marketing strategy

With increasing competition, it is a real challenge for you as a hotelier to fill rooms. So how can you differentiate and keep increasing occupancy and RevPAR?

A key element is positioning – and we often find this to be a neglected area. Hotels can and should use positioning to differentiate themselves from the competition. This will allow you to price better and get the right clients for your hotel.

sales strategySo how can you start with a positioning exercise? Use the attached template that we have created for independent boutique hotels. It will take you through a step by a step process to figure out your positioning. Download now.

Once you are clear with the positioning, you need to build it into your marketing plan. This will help you take a strategic approach while identifying the tactical steps needed. Use the attached Marketing Plan Template that we created for independent hotels. Download now.

We hope that these two templates will help you differentiate and market your hotel better. If you find the information useful or need help with a different template, feel free to comment.

Do you have any that you particularly like – why not post it here?

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